When Leonie and Shane met online on a heavy metal music forum, they each knew that they had found a kindred soul. After meeting in person, they decided never to part.

After learning that the metal band, Slipknot, were headlining metal music festival Knotfest in Brisbane, the couple decided to combine their wedding celebrations with a trip to the music festival.

Planning their wedding, Shane and Leonie knew that their would be an unconventional one.

Tattooed Shane didn’t want to wear a suit and tie, and instead wore an open shirt with skull motif. 

Leonie chose a gorgeous macrame white dress with a pale pink lining.

It was no surprise to their guests when Leonie and Shane chose songs by Shinedown for their ceremony. The lyrics rung true, as after a medical episode, Leonie actually did literally save Shane’s life.”You saved my life, not once but twiceYou keep me free from fallingYou saved my life, make it all alrightWhen I don’t feel like talkingYou make sure I always see the daylight”

If a traditional wedding isn’t your style, and you’re more of a rock chick, you can still do your wedding day totally your own way.