One of the tasks which couples can find daunting is writing their own wedding vows. There is so much you could say in that moment – but choosing the perfect words to say can be a little overwhelming.

Of course, there’s lots of inspiration for wedding vows in movies and on the internet – in fact, the amount of information available is almost too staggering to wade through. 

So as a celebrant, what advice do I give to couples who are struggling to write their own wedding vows?

Firstly, I provide a folder of suggestions for wedding vows – from traditional wedding vows to quirky promises, from romantic marriage vows to modern declarations, from soppy to funny wedding vows.

My number one secret method for writing your own wedding vows when it all seems too scary is to write four lines following this pattern: Sweet, Sweet, Funny, Sweet.

For example:

I promise to walk by your side in sunshine and in rain

I promise to always support you as we work towards our shared and individual goals

I promise to always save the last Tim Tam in the pack for you.

And I promise to never give up on us.

You’ll probably find that as you start writing your wedding vows, there will be more that you would like to add in, but starting with those four lines is a super easy way to write your own personal marriage vows.

Contact Cheryl Landsberry marriage celebrant if you are looking for a celebrant who will provide assistance writing your own wedding vows.

Photo by Murray Redpath