Wedding at Redland Bay Golf Club
Caitlin and Rhys almost didn’t meet at all. Rhys rather spontaneously swapped his Foo Fighters ticket for a ticket to Electric Gardens festival, and Caitlin bought a ticket to the same festival at the last minute. They met by chance at the festival, then Caitlin’s friend invited Rhys out with them afterwards to go clubbing. They barely spoke that first evening they spent together, although Caitlin recalls thinking that Rhys was very quiet and that he seemed like a nice guy. Rhys thought that Caitlin was very intelligent and stunningly beautiful.
Rhys thought about Caitlin during the following week, and somehow tracked her down on Facebook. Caitlin, a little clueless at first, thought that Rhys was interested in her friend, but eventually she realised that, instead, Rhys had taken quite a liking to her.
After their first date some two weeks after first meeting, the couple were quickly inseparable, spending every free moment together. They embarked on a whirlwind romance.
Six years and three children later, Caitlin and Rhys exchanged their marriage vows by the bay. Caitlin, usually composed, let a little teardrop fall as she told Rhys that she had received the two greatest gifts in her life – his love, and their children. Rhys’s face beamed with pride as he looked at his beautiful new wife.