Aubrey and James’s guests were treated to a glorious, sunny, winter afternoon for their wedding at North Stradbroke Island (Minjerribah). A local kangaroo thrilled the family watching online from the US and UK, as it fed on the lush grass oblivious to the lifechanging moment happening beside it.

The wedding was held 6 years to the day after James and Aubrey first met at Point Lookout, where they were both enjoying the winter beachscape with their respective groups of friends.

When they first met, James noticed that Aubrey was extremely friendly and had a bubbly personality. Aubrey noticed James’s ability to make everyone laugh and that he was always smiling. Soon, they became a couple, and spent as much time as they could with each other.

Fast forward a couple years and they were planning a relaxed and chilled Straddie wedding.

Aubrey wore a boho white dress, and James wore a simple white shirt. Celebrant, Cheryl Landsberry, told the couple’s story and led the couple through their legal vows. Photographer, Romana Saeheng, captured some photos during the ceremony, then took the couple along the foreshore at Point Lookout for some gorgeous photos.

Afterwards, James and Aubrey joined their guests at the club for a celebration dinner.