Amy had pretty much given up on finding her happily ever after and didn’t feel too hopeful when she decided to give a dating app another try.

Amy was drawn to Cory’s photos on his profile page. He had big brown eyes, and a quirky series of photos –including a picture of himself in a giraffe onesie. Cory sounded like a bit of a dork in his biography, and Amy wondered if they just might be a perfect match.

Cory liked what he saw in Amy’s profile. She had a beautiful smile, and which stood out on a page of strangers. Amy seemed genuine and interesting, and he decided to reach out to her
Fast forward a couple of years and Amy and Cory were standing in front of friends and family at Boulevard Gardens, Indooroopilly, exchanging promises to stand by each others side for all eternity.
Photo by Smile Darling Photography