What are the rules of a Baby Naming Ceremony?

Do the parents need to be a particular religion?

Do the parents need to be married?

Do the parents need to be a couple?

The answer is that there are no rules for a Baby Naming Ceremony. As a non-legal and non-religious ceremony, the ceremony can be created to suit any family situation.

Can there be Godparents? Yes, of course. Or you can choose to call them Mentors, Guardians, Aunts, Guideparents, of Fairy Godmothers.

Sarah chose to ask 5 special people to be Theo’s Guideparents. We chose a special piece of music to play, Sarah sourced some Monarch butterflies for the Guideparents to release, and she hired an arbour for the ceremony space.

Your baby naming ceremony can be anything you want it to be.