Aaron and Raju were so impressed with the team at Elope Brisbane when they were guests at the beautiful wedding of Albany and Zach earlier this year, that they engaged the team to help plan their surprise wedding.

In a sneaky plot twist, Raju invited guests to a surprise 40th birthday party for Aaron at Brisbane’s Byblos Mediterranean Restaurant on the Brisbane River at Portside Wharf. Guests arrived in the afternoon for drinks and appetisers, and enjoyed “surprising” birthday boy Aaron. Photographer, Romana Saeheng, was on hand to capture the group as they enjoyed cocktails by the River, and Aaron did a passable job convincing friends and family that he was totally surprised to see them all there.

However, behind the scenes, Aaron and Raju had lodged their Notice of Intended Marriage over a month earlier, had shopped for blazers, and written some absolutely heart-felt vows to each other.

Imagine how surprised their guests were as functions staff pulled open the curtains to the function room to reveal an intimate ceremony space styled with candles and vases of flowers on plinths styled by Mel of Miss Weddings. Aaron and Raju had donned their jackets with boutonnieres and stood at the front of the ceremony space beaming cheekily. Guests gasped, squealed, and cheered as they realised what they were about to witness.

After the mania settled a little, and the guests were seated, Celebrant Cheryl Landsberry played the song, “Everything has Changed” by Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift, and announced that Raju and Aaron were about to join their lives in marriage. The couple adapted the Bob Marley reading, “He’s not Perfect” and Cheryl told the story of the couple’s first date and subsequent affection as they inadvertently fell in love. Raju and Aaron put quite a bit of thought into their wedding vows, and guests were mesmerised listening to them speak, emotion filling the room.

After exchanging wedding rings, some cultural elements were added to the ceremony reflecting Raju’s Nepalese heritage, and then the couple were pronounced partners for life.

After some excited congratulations, the couple joined guests back on the boardwalk for a sunset photo shoot and celebrations long into the night.

Surprising your guests at a birthday party or engagement party is a really fun way to be married. Contact the team at Elope Brisbane to assist with your surprise wedding planning.

(NB – Under Australian law, the couple who are marrying must both consent to the marriage – neither of them can be surprised on the day!)