With years spent training new celebrants and delivering professional development to existing marriage celebrants, I have come to know so many Brisbane celebrants. So when one of my colleagues was unable to officiate at this 2022 Brisbane wedding, I was asked to step in. We scheduled a meeting with the couple, the original celebrant and myself to coordinate a smooth handover, and with the transfer of the Notice of Intended Marriage paperwork and the sighting of ID documents, I was able to sort the legals quickly and effortlessly for the couple.

Next, the original celebrant passed on the personalised script which was written for the couple, and with a few tweaks to fit with my delivery style, we were all ready to go.

Georgia and Lionel had a couple of postponed dates, but finally settle on their eight year anniversary, at the location of their original first date, at Mercure Clear Mountain Lodge – a location with a gorgeous outlook.

If you need to find a replacement celebrant and there is less than a month before your wedding date, the original celebrant may transfer the Notice of Intended Marriage to a replacement celebrant. The replacement celebrant will need to sight your proof of date and place of birth documents and proof of identity documents.

Most professional celebrants will find a like minded colleague who is available on your date and will organise the transfer of the Notice of Intended Marriage if they find themselves in a position of being unable to attend your wedding.

If you are looking for a replacement celebrant in Brisbane, contact Cheryl who is very familiar with all the legal processes.

Photo by Sunlit Studios