Wet weather wedding at Suttons Beach Rotunda, Redcliffe

Despite best efforts to keep an eye on the forecast, sometimes weather events can just come out of nowhere. And this is exactly what happened on Tahni and Caleb’s wedding day.

Just days after the announcement of El Nino in Australia, we were hit with a brief but ferocious downpour. As the styling team set up the wedding arbour on the Redcliffe foreshore, the winds intensified. No amount of tent pegs and sand bags seem to hold the arbour in place. And the dark clouds started rolling across the sky as 3pm approached.

The team at Elope Brisbane consulted with groom, Caleb, and a quick decision was made to relocate the micro wedding a hundred metres up the beach, under the protection of the iconic Suttons Beach Pavilion.

As bride Tahni arrived, the rain had already started bucketing down. Guests under the pavilion were drenched by the sideways rain, driven in by the gusty winds. This couple, though, decided that nothing would stop them from becoming husband and wife, and decided to just, “Go for it”.

In a most memorable walk down the aisle, Tahni, under inside outed umbrella, powered along the path, determined to reach her man. Her windswept hair could not hide the grin on her face, as Tahni and Caleb laughed and embraced the craziness of the moment.

Celebrant, Cheryl Landsberry, asked the guests if they minded skipping the boring bits, then proceeded straight to the legally required aspects of ceremony. With a couple of, “I do’s” and the signing of some rather soggy certificates, Tahni and Caleb were legally wed in one of the most memorable ceremonies the Elope Brisbane team has seen.

The positive crew of the pair rallied around, holding fast the arbour, holding up protective umbrellas, and generally cheering and living in the moment.

Tahni and Caleb are planning a renewal of vows later in the year with a few more serene photos, but I just don’t imagine this will match their rather remarkable wedding in the rain.

Photos by @Romana Saeheng