Even though they had a modern Australian marriage ceremony, S wanted to incorporate some elements from her Iranian heritage in the wedding.

One wedding tradition from Iran is the inclusion of a Sofreh Aghd. This translates to ceremony spread. Delicacies representing a sweet love, health and good fortune are set on a low table in front of the couple. A mirror was placed on the table to reflect light into the couple’s life. Sweets and spices are also arrayed on the table.

After the couple exchanged wedding rings, the bride and groom dip their pinky finger into a jar of honey and place it to their partner’s lips to represent a sweet life.

Two loaves/cones of solid sugar are rubbed together over the couple’s heads by their mothers, aunts, and sisters to bless them with a sweet life. I was wondering how this was going to work without the newlyweds having their hair caked with sugar, but discovered that a cloth known as a ghand is held over their heads.

Sadaf chose the Persian wedding song Aroosi by Leila Forouhar during the signing of the marriage certificates.

Whatever your cultural background and circumstances, speak to your celebrant to include an element in your ceremony.