Ella and Joseph first met in high school.
Ella plucked up the courage to send Joseph a message during the school holidays, and from that moment on, they hit it off and chatted back and forth easily.
When the school term started, they walked home from school together, and they looked forward to that daily time spent together.
Fast forward seven years, and the couple celebrated their marriage in front of family and friends at Redland Bay Golf Club.
Ella looked like a fairy tale princess in a strapless, shimmery gown, with a blush underlay. Her long veil reached the ground and sat atop the train of her beautiful dress. Joseph was handsome (but very warm!) in a grey, three piece suit.
Joseph and Ella put a lot of thought into the vows they made to each other – and I was glad that videographers were present to capture this moment for the couple.
After predicted rain for their wedding day, the skies could not havce been bluer, and even though the Plan B location on the deck at the Golf Club is lovely, the couple were thrilled to see the sun as they prepared for the day.
Photographer & Videographer: Hawthorne Creative