Couples who investigate marrying aboard a cruise ship soon find that there are certain criteria involved. The wedding ceremony is usually held while the cruise ship is docked in port, before the ship sets sail. Most often, all the wedding guests must also be cruising. Guests are not permitted to attend just the ceremony and then disembark. The celebrant is able to board the ship (under a watchful eye to ensure we don’t stow away!) and then is accompanied back down the gang plank immediately after the ceremony.

So what are your options? Pre-Cruise Wedding Ceremonies are becoming a popular trend. Couples who don’t see the need for an expensive traditional wedding are opting for a relaxed morning wedding ceremony, followed by an afternoon cruise ship boarding for a honeymoon or reception.

Paisley and Gary were married in the morning at Cabarita Beach near their home, with just their immediate families present. After a breakfast of champagne and cupcakes, they headed off to the port to board a cruise ship for a week long vacation. I’m not sure what they planned first – the holiday or the wedding! But either way, it was a relaxed and enjoyable way to celebrate their marriage.

Earlier this year, Elyse and Todd also chose a morning wedding. Their ceremony was at New Farm Park in Brisbane. After their morning wedding ceremony, Elyse, Todd, and their little daughter boarded a cruise ship for a relaxing week away. 

Kristen and Brody enjoyed a morning wedding ceremony at The Pavilion, Mount Tamborine, followed by a breakfast reception. Later that afternoon, the newlyweds and their families headed to the docks to start their reception / family holiday / honeymoon cruise.

Sounds pretty good to us!