Saturday’s backyard wedding had it all – a huge white marquee, a bagpiper, a beautiful bride, a groom in a kilt, a unified family, flower boys tossing petals down the aisle, a drone, and a gum tree edged yard bathed in winter sunshine.

Karolina and Connor first met at the gym, where they were instantly attracted to each other. They set about organising a date, and found that they had an immediate connection. Connor was drawn to Karolina’s vitality, and Karolina appreciated Connor’s sincerity. Before too long, they became a couple and soon couldn’t imagine spending their life with anyone else.

Connor and Karolina planned their wedding for 70 guests on the acreage property of Connor’s parents. The whole family pitched in with the mowing and landscaping, and they set up a marquee with long tables styled with gum leaves and Baby’s Breath. A platform with a circular arbour was constructed for the ceremony, and this was styled with Pampas grass. Cable drums were upended to create standing bars, and festoon lighting was strung across the yard in readiness for sunset.

The ceremony begun with a striking note as Connor’s dad strode down the aisle playing the bagpipes. Next, Connor’s mum walked down the aisle accompanied by two of Connor’s brother. Next, groom Connor made his way down the aisle wearing the family tartan to the applause of the gathered friends and family. After hugs all around, the family took their seats and Connor stood at the front of the ceremony space to await his bride.

Next, Connor’s younger brother and Karolina’s brother danced down the aisle scattering flower petals to “Snowship” the Thomas Jack remix. They were followed by Karolina’s mum who carried the small son of the couple – also the ring bearer.

Finally, radiant bride Karolina walked into the ceremony on the arm of her dad to “The Rope” by Lane 8.

We were blessed with a sunny Brisbane winter afternoon, and guests enjoyed the warm rays as they witnessed the sweet, funny and personal ceremony of the couple.

Within a half hour, the formalities were dispensed with and the guests enjoyed Mimosas as the afternoon cooled.

A legal marriage ceremony in Australia needs only three sentences by the celebrant and one each from the couple. The remainder of the ceremony can be whatever the couple want it to be, and I’m so glad couples have such novel ways to celebrate their wedding day in exactly their own way.

Photo by Vaughan Harris