Luke’s parents celebrated his safe arrival and introduced him to their family and friends with a baby naming ceremony on Saturday. Their back deck was the shady and breezy location for the ceremony on a warm, Brisbane morning. I chose the song, “Beautiful Boy” by John Lennon to start the ceremony, and played the music through my portable PA system. Luke’s big sister swayed to the music adorably. The ceremony started with a welcome, and I included a poem about motherhood for Luke’s mum, and also one for Luke’s father. Luke’s parents chose to  honour four of their closest friends by asking them to be Luke’s Godparents. Being a Godparent has no legal or religious responsibility in a civil baby naming ceremony. The Godparents promised to be a part of Luke’s life as he grows up, and to be available to assist and advise him.

Luke’s cousin led the children present as they sprinkled silk petals over Luke’s forehead, and we wished him a secure and happy life. Luke’s mum later collected the petals to keep in his time capsule until his 21st birthday. Did you know that the name, “Luke” means “light giver”?

Certificates were presented to Luke and the Godparents, and then it was time for a few photographs to mark the occasion. Luke and his big sister were dressed in pastel mint, his mum wore an off the shoulder white, crocheted dress, and dad a light shirt, so the colour palette made for gorgeous family photos.

The guests were keen for some cold beverages and a light lunch, and I thanked the family for once again including me in their celebrations and said my goodbyes. Baby naming ceremonies are one of the most enjoyable ceremonies for a celebrant, and watching a little family grow and thrive is hugely rewarding.