Whepstead Manor is a historic house at Wellington Point, in Brisbane. The house is now a private home, but being friends of the owner, Charlotte’s family was able to hold her baby naming ceremony there.

Saturday was a warm day, but the breeze from the bay kept the temperature pleasant. The naming ceremony was held in the gazebo under an enormous Moreton Bay Fig Tree.

After playing the song, A Little Ray of Sunshine, Charlotte’s parents made promises to their only daughter as their sons, friends, and family looked on. Five Godparents were appointed for Charlotte, and they each lit a candle for her.

Guests wrote notes for Charlotte on pretty coloured paper, and the notes were folded and stashed in a special box to save until Charlotte turns 18.


After the ceremony, a few family photos were taken to commemorate the day. Guests were looking forward to a cold beverage or two and a picnic lunch.

Charlotte’s mum sent this lovely note of thanks, “Lee and I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you so very very much for the beautiful naming day you have our daughter today. It was amazing and so personal. Thank you so much for the poem for each of us. We will be recommending you to our family and friends in the future. Thank you again, Jodie and Lee.”

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Historic House at Wellington Point