Every girl dreams of being a bride, and finally it’s your turn. There are so many options and details to attend to, and you’ll be so relieved to have a calm, friendly and experienced celebrant guiding your ceremony plans.

Baby Namings
Family and friends can’t wait to celebrate the arrival of your new baby. A baby naming ceremony can be held in any garden or your backyard and is an occasion to welcome Baby into the family and express your lifelong and unconditional love for your precious child. There are no legal requirements, no rules about who can or can’t be Godparents, no sermons, just pure joy.

Do you want to be married, but care not for frills, family feuds, or fuss? Run away for a ceremony which includes everything you wish for, and nothing you don’t. Whose wedding is it anyway?

Renewal of vows
Are you celebrating a special anniversary? Or perhaps you had a simple, legal ceremony and now want to share your union surrounded by family and friends. Reaffirming your vows provides all the excitement, romance, and festivity of a wedding, without the nerves and nausea.

Surprise Weddings
Skip the well-meaning interference and plan your own wedding just the way the two of you desire it. Surprise your guests at a birthday party, engagement party, dinner, or picnic, and be prepared for gasps, squeals, and hysterical applause.

Commitment Ceremonies
In your hearts, you know that you are meant to be together, but for some reason, you aren’t able to be joined in a legal marriage (yet). A commitment ceremony offers an opportunity for a fulfilling exchange of heartfelt promises.